Olfactory family: woody, amber, aromatic.

Olfactory Pyramid:

Top notes: blond tobacco, Somalian ambergris, macassar ebony

Heart notes: Ho wood, Patchouli Penang

Base notes: Oud, sandalwood, Virginia cedar


Maybe it is because of the name I bear, I can't stand ties. I break the chains with the impetuous power of someone locked in a cage. Inside a trunk, where nautical maps dripped with wax and precious ambergris have rested for centuries. I free myself like an Oud, I rise from the depths where I was thrown. I take flight, I am light, like the air that holds me. Part of me is the fresh vehemence of Ho wood and tobacco, that take me on this never-ending journey, which I discover curious. I soar myself lightly, ecstatic, over that sea where the trunk rests in the bottom with its ancient and precious smells of which I have a melancholy memory on my skin.


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