Magno Gaudio

Magno Gaudio, from Latin, is an intense joy. Expression of sensory enjoyment enclosed in a perfume bottle with an old-fashioned design.


Officina di Profumi

Magno Gaudio is my olfactory workshop in the heart of Florence, where, as an Oltrarno craftsman, I create fragrances with my hands and head, thinking them with my heart.


The Scent of Movement

The speed of the bicycle that cuts the wind and leaves you with scents that become emotion and immediate memory.


Extrait de Parfum for him and her

Each fragrance is a magical alchemy created by skilled artisan hands and packaged in an elegant and refined bottle and box.

Ambient fragrances

Scents for all your spaces

Embracing and classy, they give every room in the house or workspace the atmosphere you are looking for.

Luca Fisichella

For many years, I have worked as an event organiser and owner of a communication agency. Then, I decide to stop to get moving on my bike, experiencing different emotional and olfactory states with the succession of landscapes and seasons. In this time, arises in me the desire and the joy to make others wear my own great olfactory emotions, in motion.