Olfactory family: floral, spicy, amber.

Olfactory Pyramid:

Top notes: red mandarin, orange blossom, sweet orange

Heart notes: magnolia, hibiscus, cinnamon

Base notes: Madagascar vanilla absolute, Patchouli, Musk


It happens every time. An intense buzz accompanies me as I enter the ballroom. It will be the decisive step or the sensual allude to provoke men and irritate the peevish gaze of their ladies. On the skin, a dress that recalls the textures of the East. The dreamlike of patchouli and vanilla is preceded by citrusy, sparkling and dynamic valleys, which from the goblets of narcotic fiery red hibiscus throw into the air, as if they were confetti in a noisy carnival, intoxicating orange blossoms and warm cinnamon powder. Now that I'm here, the party can begin.


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