Olfactory family: fresh floral, ozonic, musky.

Olfactory Pyramid:

Top notes: ozonic notes, Indian lotus, freesia

Heart notes: white lily, lily of the valley, peony

Base notes: precious woods, sandalwood, white musk


I never stop long enough to think , so they say. I have a dynamic soul, a sporty and agile body. This may be why I travel so often, from evening to evening, from table to table. I live the night, which I feel, it belongs to me. I am a child of the moon, and of her energy. There is another hidden part of me, which few know. It is there, between heart and soul, made of colourful memories like the bouquet of fresh flowers that I keep on the table to remind me who I really am. I look at them and I breathe the fresh sea air, where I always come back as soon as I close my eyes.


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